I must confess, and Iím sure many people will agree with me, that the release of the last album of Scorpions was like a deafening explosion that was followed by an enormous blast, which covered and just knocked down the hundreds and thousands of people around the world, who became the eye-witnesses of the returning of the legendary group. They have been working hard, accumulating the material and the strength, giving concerts around the world. They have been keeping us in a breathless expectation of the miracle for so long! We have been living with the hope all this time. And now they are finally back! And all the world has been the eye-witness of this legendary return.
  According to Klaus, "Unbreakable" is the thing that has been waited by everybody for a long time, itís the returning to their nature, itís their best album! And itís hard not to agree with this statement because just from the first seconds you begin to understand that itís the real music, itís the classic rock, itís a legend realized in the sound, itís Scorpions! Matthias says that this album turned out to be really rockish, really heavy, in the groupís style. "Unbreakable" is a studio album but itís meant to be performed on the stage, the most of its songs are about the stage-life of the Scorps, about their fans and for their fans.
  While making up the album all the group was working together in the studio and this fact explains the unique atmosphere of the whole album that turned out to be unusually live, bright, dynamic and full of energy! And all these things can be explained with just 3 words: this is Scorpions! They are back!
  This album is just like a book, the book about Scorpions. Here they tell us about everything: their travelling from one town to another, from one country to another during their long tours, how it feels to come back after a long parting from the home town and the family, how it feels to be Scorpions, living legends, about the importance of the fans in their life, how much the Scorps love them and how much they love the Scorps, the importance of the music in the life of the each member of the group. These are not just several songs but an entire story about the life of the legendary Scorpions.

  New generation
  The Scorps begin their new show with this song and it explains everything. According to Klaus, children are the future and this became the key-line of this song which has an amazing strength. Just listen to this song and youíll understand what kind of album "Unbreakable" is, what kind of changes have happened to the group recently, what agitates and excites them, what they had created it for. This song is overwhelmed with hope, yearning to the future, it contains the striking number of vital questions. This song conveys all the emotional strength of the Scorps, all their potential, everything that can be expressed with these words: they are still with us, they are full of energy and strength, and they will show the world what they are capable of!
  This is a very heavy song, where Pawelís work is clearly appreciable, his heavy, powerful bass-guitar goes with the whole bass-section (rhythm-guitar and drums) wonderfully. The lead-guitar is perfect. It presents the mastership turned into the proficiency. The Scorpions donít play, they work wonders! The line of the lead-guitar is very highly-professional, itís not particularly notable in this song, but still conveys all the deep feelings, which are overwhelming the music. The Klausí voice. I believe it canít be valued. Itís strong, itís full of energy and sense, itís inexpressibly beautiful. In his voice there is all the philosophy of the miracle named "Scorpions". Thereís a perfectly amazing prelude, it really gives you the feeling of being the eye-witness of the revival of the legend, the eye-witness of the real miracle!
The rating: 10 out of 10.

   Loveíem or leaveíem
  Itís a fast, heavy and full of energy song. It reminds you when youíre driving the motorcycle at the fantastic speed and the wind blows to your face and takes all your fears and frights away, and you only have the feeling of speed and the faith in yourself. We can suppose that this song is a story about the Scorps themselves, about their lifestyle and in particular about the crazy life of a rock-musicians.
  Just like the whole album this song contains everything that had been expected from the Scorps: clear rhythm, heavy bass- and rhythm-guitars, the lead-guitar full of energy and passion, and of course unforgettable voice of Klaus. Itís clear that the guys are in a good shape and are full of strength and enthusiasm.
The rating: 9 out of 10

  Deep and dark
  Itís an absolute masterpiece! It begins with a heavy prelude, then the beautiful rock-melody as sweet and passionate as a kiss of the beloved girl follows. In the middle of the song thereís a short but wonderful rock-solo by Matthias! By the way, the lyrics of the song were written by Matthias too! When performing the couplets, Klaus sings in a gentle, very tender voice, as if he was really talking to his ladylove, and the refrain is performed in a high rock-voice which gives the song a special emotional strength and completeness. The lyrics of the song are very easy but thereís quite enough of them to tell us about the most beautiful feeling in the whole world named "love".
The rating: 10 out of 10

  Itís quite a slow, very rhythmic and very heavy song with the melody which sticks in your memory in a moment and the high, relaxed voice. In the refrain there are several choral parts and this immediately helps you to understand the meaning of the song: itís about the group, about their life, about the feeling of being Scorpions. You can imagine five guys walking along the streets of Berlin and Tokyo, Paris and Vienna, Moscow and Los-Angeles. In this song you can feel something really new, something that has appeared in the groupís creative work, some kind of the self-confidence, the confidence in the future, in the popularity. The guys keep their feet firmly on the ground and they know that they are adored by the millions of people, and this confidence, this freedom can be felt in their music.
The rating: 9 out of 10

    Blood too hot
  Itís just an amazing thing! Itís the song for the fans and about the fans. Itís very heavy, with a dizzy rhythm and super-rock-guitars. Here on the foreground the rhythm guitar appears and Rudolf is just excellent! The special value of his song are the lyrics. I think thereís no use to quote them, you know what they are about very well, but still they are just wonderful! From my point of view it could be a real hymn for all the fans and the group, itís that kind of a song which must be performed just together with the fans, with their help. Itís a very impressive, just legendary thing!
The rating: 10 out of 10

  Maybe I maybe you
  Itís just an amazing ballad, very tender and sensual. If you ask me, Iíd say the only one thing: it was the first song from the new album that Iíd heard. I was listening to it again and again, 20-30 times a day (and thatís true!), and every time I felt something inexpressible in my heart! I wanted to cry with happiness and it was so beautiful, so inimitable just as if it was not a song but some message from far away, the words Iíd been waiting for so long!.. You can listen to this song for hours and it will never bore you, because itís really based on the feelings! Itís conflicting, very emotional and mysterious, like a beautiful girl. Itís not just a song, itís something live...
  The music is unique too: the most part of the song you can hear the wonderful Klaus' voice. Closer to the end the guitars and drums appear and it makes the melody very dramatic. Klaus sings, putting his soul into the song, and itís inexpressible! Iíve never heard anything more beautiful! This voice... it seems like Iíve heard it thousands of years ago, in my dreams. Itís like a soul longing to the sky, itís so beautiful, powerful, full of passion and love...
The rating: 10 out of 10

  Someday is now
  Itís a very rhythmic, heavy thing, the lyrics of which were written by James Kottak! This song is in the style of "Unbreakable" and it explains everything. Wonderful guitars, including energetic, powerful Pawelís bass-guitar. The melody for its most part is lead by Rudolf again. His rhythm-guitar sounds just amazing, very clear and heavy! This song is very interesting thanks to Jamesí lyrics.
The rating: 8 out of 10

  My city my town
  The first thing that attracts attention in this song is Klausí voice. Very beautiful, sensual, powerful rock-voice! Itís the song about the returning to the home-town after a long live-tour, about the feelings. In this song the guys tell us about their long way through the world of rock-music, about their expectations of the future and the way they see themselves in the future and in the past.
  In this song we can hear the beautiful, rhythmic melody with the excellent work of the drums and a bit sharp, heavy lead-guitar. There is a very beautiful moment when closer to the end the rhythm quiets down and just the lead-guitar with the voice of Klaus, saying the words of the refrain, can be heard.
The rating: 9 out of 10.

  Through my eyes
  Itís a very interesting song, very beautiful, with the amazing, like in the whole album, voice which is very high and sensual. The couplets are performed like quite a heavy rock-ballad with the wonderful lead-guitar, the sound of which seems to run and to be iridescent. The refrain is performed in the real rock-style, where the rhythm-guitar is particularly notable, and closer to the end we can hear the Matthiasí lead-guitar, very sensual and passionate, again.
  In this song there are the wonderful lyrics, very wise and philosophical, which are worth reading separately. Thereís a very touching moment when in the end of the song the same phrase is repeated several times, again and again, as if it was the main idea of the song. And in the very end every sound quiets down.
The rating: 9 out of 10

   Can you feel it
  This is a slow and very heavy song with a dizzy rhythm-guitar and the high voice. The drums are very clear and deep-felt. The refrain, being performed by the several voices, sounds great. Thereís a great voice-box solo which starts closer to the end of the song and lasts till its end.
The rating: 8 out of 10

  This time
  This is a great rock-song and thanks to the rhythm-guitar and the voice itís very powerful. The lyrics and the music of this song were written by Matthias and thatís very interesting and just great! Thatís why it sounds perfectly in his own style, itís very passionate, rhythmic, performed with the energy and sense, with a great solo of the lead-guitar closer to the end, with the nice drums and the powerful rhythm- and bass-guitar.
The rating: 9 out of 10

  She said
  Itís a very beautiful ballad! Itís very light, positive, with the wonderful lyrics. Itís like a hymn of the real, sincere and devoted love, itís very tender and sensual. Thereís the great voice of Klaus, very gentle, high and full of love and hope. It goes with the very beautiful melody, which makes your soul sing like a bird, very well. The lyrics are very beautiful, sincere, just really conveying all that happens to a loving heart. If you are in love, itíll seem to you that this song was written just about your own feeling! Youíll agree with the each its word, its melody will merge with the melody of your loving heart! Anyway even if you are not in love yet, "She said" will surely give you the hope and the faith in love, unique, eternal feeling and as beautiful as this song!
The rating: 10 out of 10

  Remember the good times
  This song is really like the brief biography of Scorpions! This is the story about their long way, the story of their success, and itís very interesting.
  This is the wonderful, live and energetic music, and if you listen to it itíll be just impossible for you to keep your seat. A bit distant voice, with a little echo, and the refrain performed like the choral parts. The guitars are just wonderful! It's a real rock-melody. Itís full of enthusiasm, youth and strength.
The rating: 10 out of 10

  If you are looking for an album that has a modern taste and the undeniable sound of the Scorpions pure rock and unstoppable roll- this is the album! Unbreakable delivers the high-powered energy that the Scorpions have come to be known for, with inspiring rockers and electrifying ballads. New Generation makes references to recent events that have shaken our lives, with words of encouragement that lives deep in the hearts of the young, and Remember the Good Times takes us back on a sentimental journey that reminds us that even when the days get dark sooner or later there will be good times around the bend. Deep and Dark satisfies the hunger for a true Matthias Jabs' rock riff and This Time reinforces the feeling. After a hard day's rock you might want to settle down with only the best and deepest ballads- the Scorpions deliver once again in Maybe I Maybe You and She Said. She Said leaves you searching through your memories to find those feelings of lost love or your first love, while Maybe I Maybe You sends you down a path that is mysterious with its slow and deep melody reminding you that there is always hope that one can fight for and deliver. And of course there are so many more songs on this album that leave you with inspiration- Someday Is Now, Can You Feel It and My City My Town. Unbreakable it true to the Scorpions- after all these years, they still are Unbreakable!

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