On this page I suggest to you to feel again those wonderful moments that you were feeling no doubt attending the Scorpions concerts. Enjoy reading and send your stories if you consider your concert experiences must become the common property of the fan-club.
Monte, "A moment in a million years" (Moscow, the Kremlin, the 23rd of April, 2002)
Tiffany (Chicago, Illinois, The Rosemont Center, the 28th of February, 2003)
Foxxee_red, "My Moment Of Glory" (London, Ontario, The John Labatts Center, the 18th of March, 2003)
Monte, "We're still standing after all" (Kiev, the Sport palace, the 30th of April, 2004)
Tiffany, "There are memories all over the place bringing it back all so clear" (Portland, OR, Portland Memorial Col., the 23rd of October, 2004)
"A moment in a million years"
  So, it was on the 23rd of April, 2002, I keep this day in my mind very clearly. The Kremlin palace was lucky: the Scorpions gave 2 concerts one after another, I've been on last of them. Of course I can say I thought that seeing a Scorpions concert was a dream, but it was really a dream that came true!
  When I was buying the ticket I asked if I can use my camera, but got the answer in the negative. It was a great disappointment for that moment, but I decided to take it along. And to my great surprise security guards didn't take the camera away. And of course I made pictures of the Scorpions.
  My seat was in the balcony, but in spite of I had an opera glass, I decided to try to penetrate into the stalls. To my surprise I succeeded again and then nothing could hinder on my way right to the stage. Well to tell you the truth there was a VIP-zone right at the stage that consist of about 10 rows and there was no admittance into it. However I was glad with I succeeded.
  The concert began with the words 'Here I am, Rock you like a hurricane!!!' and the band appeared on the stage. I can imagine what one, who has been for the first time on the concert, can feel at that moment. I just cite the Scorpions: '...It gave me chills from head to toe...'. Are you able to say better? At last I've seen the band with my own eyes, I thought!
   It was an amazing show, the Scorpions were presenting their album Acoustica. We had an opportunity to hear their new 'Holiday', 'Always somewhere', 'The zoo', of course 'Rock you like a hurricane' and many other songs. Besides the band performed the song 'Partners in crime', it was a wish of the Moscow fan-club 'Partners in crime'. The audience was not active at first, but the Scorpions rocked and electrified it. During performing the last 2 songs 'Still loving you' and 'Wind of change' the appreciative audience was standing and singing with the band. It seemed it was the end, the lights were dimming up and the Scorpions left the stage. But fans didn't want to let them go and the whole auditorium began to clap louder and louder. And the band came back! They came back to sing 'When the smoke is going down'. At that moment I was right at the stage, because probably security guards didn't expect it at all. I just stood and examined each of the band, but I couldn't move ahead closely, because there were enough people around me. And what a pity, right at the moment when I turned round, they began to autograph! Mad crowd rushed to the stage and I lost precious seconds. So I lost my chance to take autographs, because it lasted 1-2 minutes. But it was one of greatest evenings in my life, I'm still keeping it in my mind and there's no doubt I will.

February 28, 2003. Chicago, Illinois
  The Rosemont Center at first was just barely packed when my roommates and I showed up. We were a bit late for the opening act, but got to see the last ten minutes of Whitesnake. After Whitesnake's performance the Scorpions were scheduled to rock our worlds. This is when the stadium began to get extremely filled. There were Scorpions fans everywhere and they kept coming, awaiting that magic moment when the Scorpions would appear. The final minutes of waiting were intense, you could feel the fans energy begin way before the Scorpions ever come out on stage.
  Finally the music from Hurricane 2000 blared out over the speakers, signaling the beginning of a night that we had all been waiting for all our lives. You could already feel the power from every chord and Coming Home started to play as the band members came running out from the dark corners of the stage. Klaus began to sing and the crowd went wild! There were people from every age group there; screaming at the top of their voice and feeling the energy pouring off the stage.
  The guitars defeated the beast of silence, the drums shook the stadium, and Klaus, once again, reached into our souls to breathe life back into our emotions. The band interacted so well with crowd, both through music and through physical touch. Klaus was giving high-fives to all the fans in the front row, and two little girls gave him flowers. He threw drumsticks and waved. You could tell that he loved the fans as well as the music that he sang. You would never be able to guess his age. He ran around the stage and danced like a kid who had so much energy that he just couldn't give enough of it away, there was always more left in his soul. He sang a little piece of Holiday and the crowd went nuts when he showed up in Coast to Coast strumming a guitar. Rudolf and Matthias were no less of a thrill.
  They were definitely 'born from the sound of the strings'. The magic they produced lined every wall and sounded from every speaker, as though it could save the world. It matched the sex appeal of Klaus' voice in Animal Magnetism and wept in longing with it in Still Loving You. The vibrations swept over the fans like a tidal wave surging from the eye of the hurricane. James rocked the drums and in his solo, when it seemed we couldn't get anymore wild and crazy or louder, pumped up the crowd so much that they almost drowned him out. When he began his masterpiece on the drum in The Zoo, the energy was so real and the music so alive that you could almost taste 42nd street; New York was right at your fingertips. Ralph moved quite a bit around the stage as well, accompanying Rudolf and Matthias in their quest for the perfect harmony. Klaus got us singing with him in the bit of Holiday, but every song had the Chicago fan choir singing along with him. We sang until it seemed as though we were up on stage with him. I remember seeing those fortunate souls that were in the front row and knowing that they must really be living in a dream at that moment. Just thinking about how I felt with the music surging through my soul and I was not even right up next to the stage.
  In some of the last few songs, Klaus wore a cowboy hat. My roommate is a country music fan (although now she is a Scorpions fan as well), thought it was great and it made her feel even more at home. She later told me that she feel in love with the Scorpions at the concert, she had never seen a show with so much emotion and energy pouring from the stage.
  I remember very vividly the song that was played second to the last- Wind of Change. Every note; every word was so revealing that you could see Klaus' soul remembering the feeling he had when he was inspired to put the emotion he felt into words. It made you feel like it was just you and him. The hope was so thick that you could almost see it and you could definitely feel it. The passion rested with intensity on your soul.
  The last song played, Rock You Like a Hurricane, did just that. The fans screamed and sang and wept with joy! The stadium shook as though we were in the middle of an earthquake, all of it was a feeling that can hardly be described- you will never know the feeling unless you are there, and once you have felt it, it will never fade.
  It has been said that it was close to one of their best performances ever, I believe it. Of course every time I see them it gets better and afterward you do not know whether to be filled with joy for having seen them, or weeping with sorrow because it was now over. All I know is that the feeling stays in your heart, it travels with you wherever you go and makes you a betterperson. It comes to life again every time you hear a Scorpions song- or see a picture of them- or even just think about them. They leave a lasting impression on you, and after you have it you could not imagine life without it. So, rock on. Scorpions forever.

March 18, 2003. John Labatts center in London, Ontario, Canada.

" My Moment Of Glory"
  I still to this day can't believe how Great!! these men are. Well the day started out by checking into our hotel room, my husband & I. After we got checked, we got ready. I was shaking so bad... Finally I get to see my all time favorite band. You see, I have wanted to see the ~SCORPIONS ~ for a very long time, but was unable to work reasons. When I heard they were on tour I said to my husband we are going, he said ok (COOL).. Ok after we were all ready, me in my ~MATTHIAS JABS~ shirt...
  P.S. Thanks Terry, Ready to rock & Alois my husband handsome as always...
  We stopped @ a restaurant to have a few drinks and something to eat ...Great bar (Honest Lawyers), great food. We stayed there till about 5pm. As we were walking down to the JLC, we stopped @ the music store with all the flying V's and Gibsons in the window who wouldn't. This year I'm buying a gibson...anyway. The one guy in the store said that they got tickets from a roadie, very cool, I would do the same having those great guitars in the store window with no other then the ~SCORPIONS~ in town ....smart if I might say. Ok I'm getting there...Ok we got to the JLC and went around to the back. I asked one of the guard are the ~SCORPS ~ here yet? He said no, not till 6:45pm, so we waited and waited... I got a picture with Don Dokken while waiting for the bus to pull up. It was so cold that night, but it was worth all the wait.....Finally the ~SCORPIONS~ bus was pulling in....My heart was skipping beats, my legs were shaking, I was finally seeing these guys, I was so nervous. Alois my husband said get over it, just relax ....I'm like ya right!! Ok as each one of the guys came off the bus, first was Matthias, I was yelling his name to sign my CD covers and get a few pictures... He kept going...my heart was broken, my sweetie didn't stop. Then come Rudy, same thing he kept going as did Ralph, & James. Then Klaus, I yelled please Klaus come and greet us, he walked by then came back to me. I was telling Alois to take picture's he's coming. Klaus walked up to me and said it is very cold out here can we hurry...I said I have been out here almost 2hrs waiting for you he said very nice, then I asked him if he would sign all my CD covers he said yes. It was great, I had pictures with him and everything. Klaus truly loves his fans, thanks Hun. After that we went into the JLC. I didn't really want to see Dokken, I never really cared for them , so we drank till Whitesnake came on. I was really impressed with them David sounded Awesome!! He still has the whitest teeth in rock&roll. Around the last song of Whitesnake I said to Alois lets go get our drinks now, he said ok. I met a few people there, one that I met on the ~SCORPIONS~ official website, every intermission we would meet out for a drink, they showed up and we went side stage... Oh by the way I had seat for 13 row sec 1 seats 1&2. Whitesnake was just finishing there last song so we just stood there as they set up for the ~SCORPIONS~. We were talking how good Whitsnake was & I looked @ my husband and said look @ front row it was empty. Well not empty but enough room for him & I to get in the action, he looked @ the floor and said lets go. It was easy to do because we already had floor seats. We were in front row ready to look @ ~MATTHIAS~ OMG!! It starts they came flying out like they were 20 years old. I was almost in tears, I couldn't believe I was staring into his eyes, it was so emotional for me. I love this band so much. Klaus was throwing out drumsticks.. as mine was handed to me how sweet..Rudy threw one to me when he came onto our side, I touched his hand, it was astonishing, what a feeling.. Several time I went to reach out for ~MATTHIAS~ but he didn't reach out ...What a bummer, even Rudy & Klaus touched our hands. ~Matthias~ is such a flirt with the crowd. Alois was taking some pictures of ~MATTHIAS~ for me. They played all my favorite songs. The Zoo was the best, because that is when I first got into the ~SCORPIONS~ every song they did was to the beat total satisfaction!! Ok now for the best part of the evening, the last song of the night ~MATTHIAS~ was throwing out pic's all night, I noticed that he had none left, shitty I said. Little did I know he must of liked the shirt I was wearing it said in big white letters MATTHIAS JABS. I guess he liked it because after the last song was over he bent down one knee and handed me the pic he used all night!! I finally touched the hands of my favorite guitar player, he smile @ me and I said thanks but I should have said can you sign some CD covers for me, but I was speechless, I was happy that he gave me his pic and for a wonderful night of great!! music. Thank you ~SCORPIONS~, I love you, ROCK ON!! After the show I had a roadie take back all my CD covers and they were all signed perfect ending to a perfect night. Come back to Canada soon.
  P.S. Foxxee_red.

"We're still standing after all"
  It was the first meeting of fans living in Moscow, where we decided to take a trip to Kiev. We also met with the fans from the Partners in crime and they said that Scorpions probably wouldn't come to Russia this year, so we asked each other: "Will we go?" "Sure we will" - that was the answer! Early in April we bought the train tickets and arranged about booking the tickets for the concert with Rhythm from Partners in crime (thanks a lot to him for this favour). So, everything was settled to take the first overseas trip to see the Scorpions live again.
  Well I should tell you about those from the Under the Same Sun who were there in Kiev except me. They're Natalie Yabs and Gwynbleid. By the way, it was Natalie Yabs who took all the pictures you can enjoy! Besides Tamara a.k.a Miss Klaus was there, but she is also from the Partners in crime. So, Kiev met us with a good summer weather, you know it was cold enough in Moscow. Having gotten off the train we moved to a hotel where we booked a hotel room. But having arrived there we found out that this room was not free and there was a mistake. We're suggested another one, but we refused to deal with them. I had a list with phone numbers of other hotels of Kiev, so we called to another hotel and everything was arranged. However we lost enough time and were late more than 2 hours for the appointment with the Partners in crime, we got there at about 5:30 PM. But we missed the main! We missed the guys that came to the Sport palace for the soundcheck! Everybody who was there that time had an opportunity to take pictures with the band and get autographs! And we missed it! We were handed over the tickets and then we began to wait for the entering into the Sport palace.
  The concert that was set at 7 PM was delayed as always, so it began at about 7:40 PM. And finally the band appeared at the stage! Rudolf, Matthias, Klaus, Pawel and James! And the first song was New Generation. "Here comes the young, the new generation, you are the only ones!" It's a great song! In spite of the fact that the release of the album was fixed on the 3rd of May, the band played 7 new songs! And it was the real hard rock songs! It was a real coming back to the roots! The next one was Love 'em or Leave 'em. Another hard rock song that will surely be in our blood forever! "Looking back with no regrets, living for what hasn't happened yet!" The next two songs were Bad Boys Running Wild and We'll Burn the Sky. I dreamt to hear the first one live since I had heard Love at First Sting! The next one was The Zoo and Matthias' voice-box solo in the end as usual. That's awesome! During it Klaus was scattering drumsticks in the crowd, we caught nothing. Then the guys returned to the Unbreakable presentation and played a new song called Deep and Dark. To tell the truth there at the concert it didn't sting me, but when I had gotten Unbreakable... It's the best song on the album, indeed! "It's deep and dark, deep dark in my heart, it's deep and dark without someone's love!" What an energy, what a power! After that the scorps didn't let us relax and performed instrumental Coast to Coast. First four of them, but then Klaus took a guitar and joined the others. See the picture where they're four together with the guitars in our gallery, it's amazing! Then more two new songs followed, they're She Said and Through My Eyes. They're ballads and we took some rest, however at the concert the guys played them a little harder than on the album. 2 new amazing songs! "She said I won't leave you ever, just love me forever, she said you can leave, but never walk away!" "There's so much said and done, but after all the time has come to leave it all behind!" Remember the Good Times - that was the next song. It's a classic rock and funny song having great lyrics, just listen carefully! "Remember the good times, remember the bad times, remembering my life, your life, we're still standing after all!" Meanwhile the first part of concert had ended. In the next part the scorps played their hits and the first one was Tease Me Please Me, in the end of which James fired us by his drum solo! He's the best! Right after that we heard the first chords of Blackout, the hard rock show was at its height! And the next one was Blood Too Hot, the last new one! Yeahh, by that time our blood was toooo hot! What gold words: "you left everything behind just to feel that touch, to join the family of spiders really means so much!" Yes, there was a storm up in the air, we felt this power and it really ran through our flash and blood! Thank you guys, it was unforgettable! But we had no time to relax, right after Blood Too Hot Matthias shared us his guitar solo! I'm not gonna describe it, you must hear it! You have to hear it!!! Of course we gave Matthias a squall of applause! And in the end of this madness Matt began to play the first chords of Big City Nights and the band appeared at the stage again! Klaus sang this song with us and then the time had come to close the eyes and raise your hands with lighters. It was the time of Still Loving You and Wind of Change! Everyone in the Sport palace was singing with Klaus! What can I add? They're immortal songs, anthems of hard rock! It was not the end, as usual the band didn't let us go before they... You know what! Another anthem of hard rock, Rock You Like a Hurricane! It was another great evening that these guys gave us their fans and I'm just happy that I had a luck to be there! And who knows maybe it was a beginning of another fairy tale, but it's quite other story...
"There are memories all over the place bringing it back all so clear"
  The day started out rainy in Washington, as it almost always is. But I could see the clouds beginning to part to the south and I knew with the most certainty that they were letting the sun in to shine upon the Scorpions who would soon be standing as figures in a dream on a stage with music sweating from every pore.
  So my roommate, Alison, who had accompanied me to the concert in Chicago just a year before, was getting excited as well, and her fiance, Matt had yet to taste the sweet melodies of the Scorpions live. He would soon find out that the Scorpions were indeed the kings of Rock and Roll. So we all piled into the car and started on our two hour journey down to Portland, OR with anticipation of the coming magic.
  We arrived two hours early, as it was a new arena and I did not want to be late or get lost finding the arena. We stood out in the cold for an hour and half hardly able to contain ourselves for the show that was to come. One of the radio stations that was setup to advertise the concert was raffling away backstage passes, however I was not lucky enough to win one, just the thought of the possibility was almost overwhelming. :-)
  Then the gates opened to let us in, I was happy to see how close we were to the stage, just seven rows back, close enough to see the whites of their eyes, and to eventually pass to Klaus the flowers that I had brought along for him. They were blue roses that sparkled in the lights, they were beautiful, but of course no comparison to the Scorpions. The first band on stage was one called Keith Emerson, I don't think I would recommend this band to anyone, it soon had Alison and I wondering when the next act would be on, and although it seemed as though they played for hours it was really only half an hour- still too long to wait for the Scorpions. Next came Tesla, not a bad band, and a worthy opener to the Scorpions. And finally after a half an hour break, the ones we had been awaiting since the tickets were first bought-the Scorpions.
  The description I am about to give of the opening is unworthy of the actual power that poured from the stage, but I will try to paint an image. The darkness settled for just a moment on the eager crowd, and then from the depths of the magic of music came the voice saying, "Make a change". In the background, just as it is on the album, one could hear the music begin to echo through the halls of enchantment, as though it were starting at the very end of the long hall and running as fast as it could straight for the light. And then it burst into guitars and drums as it freed itself from the cage, from the darkness and smoke came Rudi, Matthias, Pawel, James, and last but definitely not least, Klaus. And the breathtaking ride began without pause for an hour and a half.
  Then came James' drums solo, with the energy that one could only expect from the drummer of the greatest band in the world. He drummed, he made noises and played with the crowd seeing which side made the most noise. He threw his drumsticks and kept playing until we had no choice but to clap and stomp along with pure enjoyment. The next solo was Matthias'. His guitar was so powerful I could feel the speakers vibrate the floor and the chairs, as well as myself. It was almost as if a great gust of wind swept through the stadium. Imagine in the movies when there is an explosion and the force of it almost knocks everyone to the ground, this was the riff of Matthias.
  As Alison later commented, Rudi was just like a little kid who could barely stand still. He was on one side of the stage and just moments later he was at the other end. Running back and forth, nodding to the crowd, throwing guitar picks, and playing like a magician. He was so entertaining that Alison watched him for most of the show. Klaus was, of course, brilliant. He hit every note with the precision of an archer, and painted the most beautiful scenes as only an artist of his genius and ability can. His voice still rings in my ears and his charm was only as one can imagine.
  During Wind of Change I found the opportunity to hand the flowers to the band. I made my way to the front of the stage and lifted them to the stage. Matthias and Klaus were standing close to me, and with a nod and a smile accepted the flowers I offered. It was a dream like the entire concert had become. But a dream that I shall not soon forget. Sadness came at the end, but the knowledge that someday I shall see them again renewed my joy, and kept the world in a dream for the night. I am still 'suffering' from the music ringing in my ears and think it an infliction that I have no want to cure.

  They sang: New Generation, Loving you Sunday morning, Deep and Dark, Love 'em or leave 'em, No one like you, Big City Nights, Still Loving you, Blackout, Tease me Please me, The Zoo, Bad Boys running Wild, Coast to Coast, Through my eyes, Wind of Change and of course, they could not leave us without Rocking us Like a Hurricane.

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