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 The 2nd of March is the third birthday of the fan-club! We still advance and as always we are under the same sun!
 A new rubric 'Thoughts about the scorps' was opened in the section 'Miscellaneous'. You can find there a new work A dream, written by Natalie, the most active member of the fan-club.
  Read new reviews of the Unbreakable album written by Natalie and Tiffany
  A large number of wonderful wallpapers created by tireless Natalie were added in the section of the same name. Now we've got James Kottak's wallpapers and a lot of wallpapers in the subsection Common, there are 5 pages in it! Come round, click and download them!
  Read a new concert story written by Tiffany about the concert in Portland, OR, USA ("There are memories all over the place bringing it back all so clear").
  The new Scorpions album Unbreakable was released on the 3rd of May, 2004. You can find here the complete list of songs and their lyrics including Dreamer and Too Far which were added in the Japanese version of the album. Here is a list of cities of Unbreakable tour-2005. You can also look through the list of countries and cities of Unbreakable tour-2004.
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