The very different things associated with the Scorpions band will be joined in this section.
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A dream
  Hello friends! If you have enough time, please just read this!
  Here are just my thoughts, about the Scorps of course! =)

  Have you ever thought how much the Scorpions mean to your life? Have you ever wondered if your life would change without them or not? Have you ever felt that you would never know about some things and would never think about some things if it wasnít for them? Just have you ever asked yourself if they are something more for you than just another group, just another CD on your shelf?
  I have... And every time I answer myself: "Yes, they are different. Yes, they are much more than just another group in my life. Yes, they are not like the other musicians. They are very special ones!"
  Well, do you want to ask me why? I guess you do.
  Itís not a secret at all anyway!
  I know thereís no use writing about how much they mean to me and how much I love their music. If you read this, you know it as well as me. What am I going to write about, then? Itís not a question to be asked. Ask me "why".
  You see, itís not so easy to say why you love some person. If you are in love, actually, you practically canít explain why! Just because love is the feeling that canít be explained. So you canít say why you like that melody on the radio as well. Your soul is unique, your thoughts are different and every second you change. But there have to be some reason why a lot of perfectly different people like the same music, even if we know they are all absolutely different and unique.
  I believe there are some things in our life that are common for each period of time, each country, each person. These are feelings. And love is the most beautiful of them. Love... What do you feel when you say this word? What do you mean by "love"? Each person feels differently and means the different things by this word. But, I guess, anyone will agree that itís something beautiful, deep, eternal...
  So thatís why we like the music of Scorpions. We feel the fluids of love in it!
  Each person have once felt love... And itís unforgettable. The ones who havenít felt it yet, do dream of it. And for all of them love is something magical, something that canít be understood but must be felt.
  I do feel love in the Scorpionsí music. Thatís why I like them so much. At first they gave me a dream of love, they made me believe in it. Then they helped me to find it...
  The music of the Scorpions is something to be thought of. And I like it because every time it makes me think. In their lyrics there are so many vital questions, so many philosophical and wise thoughts that you canít just listen to one of their songs and say: "Well, ok, I like it, this musicís ok, letís turn on the other CD!" No! This music makes you think. When it makes you think it makes you feel. When it makes you feel it makes you understand. When it makes you understand it makes you change. This is how it works!
  Ok, well letís see what we have. Nowadays there are a lot of different groups and singers. Some are successful. Some are not. BUT! Thereís no anything like real feelings in the most part of the modern music! Of course some of the groups or singers are quite good. But still... somethingís lost.
  Today you can listen to the Scorpions as well as to any other modern rock-group. And itís just the matter of personal preference. I believe the Scorpions are the best. But who cares? "There are so many other groups, they are cool and everyone listens to them! Thatís enough for me," Ė the one should think. Well, I donít think thatís right. We began to forget our history. But when the one doesnít remember his own history and doesnít know what was the beginning of everything... itís the beginning of the end. I mean there is a lot of good music nowadays. But the Scorpions and many others were the first and we just have to remember about that if we want to go on.

  So to sum it up, what can I say?
  I like the Scorpions just because I really appreciate their work. I admire their talent and strength. Of course I have some personal reasons for loving them (as I guess you all do), but still "the Scorpions" is something much more than just a group, itís a sign, itís a symbol of the classic-rock, of the entire period of the worldís history of the music.
  And you know what? Iím sure the Scorpions gave the whole world something very special. They gave it freedom. They were the ones who took a great part in making this world a bit better. They helped a lot of people all over the world to believe in love and peace, to believe in future.
  Thatís why I love them: they gave us the feeling weíve been longing for, they gave us love... I mean they gave us a great opportunity to really feel it. They made us believe in ourselves, in our future. Actually they gave us just one thing, but this thing changed our lives. They gave us a dream!..

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